Negotiation for the management of natural resources

Course objectives

The objective of this course, based on the theoretical field of negotiation, is to allow participants to develop a coherent framework of thinking in order to better understand situations of conflict or of compromise-adjustment within the processes of negotiation of natural resource management, in particular in an international context. The goal is also the acquisition of ground rules, tools and methods that help participants become better negotiators.

Course contents

  • Negotiation in decision-making processes; negotiation and different methods of conflict- resolution
  • The principles of measured negotiation
  • Preparation for negotiation, tactics and strategies
  • A heritage-sensitive approach and its development in the southern hemisphere
  • Simulations and role-playing: numerous exercises are proposed, with analysis of their relevance and the limitations of their usage
  • Negotiation and foresight.

Teaching and learning methods

The course includes several exercises in negotiation simulation, with or without computer tools. This choice of an inductive, pragmatic educational approach, based on a large number of examples and role-playing games, which can allow participants to ground themselves based upon their own experiences and on "shared simulation situations" helps in the conceptualisation and the formalisation of elements that are, for them, often intuitive. These exercises are closely related to the course and allow a better understanding of the theoretical frameworks and perspectives developed in the course. Finally, we address the problem of the use of role-playing and foresight as tools to support consultation or negotiation in a professional framework, and we analyse, together with professional negotiators, concrete examples of negotiations.

Course evaluation

  • Active participation by the participants is required and the role-playing may be marked.
  • Individual written assessment based on scientific articles or individual essays with documentation (3 h).

Target skills

  • Understanding of the principles of rational negotiation and their application to natural resource management.
  • Ability to reposition negotiation in different decision-making systems.
  • Ability to prepare and conduct negotiations.

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