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Sustainable Tropical Forestry - SUTROFOR

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The European Master in Sustainable Tropical Forestry - SUTROFOR - is an international, integrated two-year training qualification, the objective of which is to prepare students for the major challenges of managing tropical forests and their ecosystems. SUTROFOR has been awarded the European Erasmus Mundus label of excellence.

IMPORTANT: As the Sutrofor Master Course will end in 2022, it is no longer recruiting candidates.

Course organisation

The first study year (foundation year) of this cursus will take place in one of the following three institutions ; Bangor, Copenhagen, Dresden. For the second year, the student will choose one of the speciality proposed by each the five institutions.The second year must be spent in a different institution from the first year.
The first year teaching programme consists of a solid foundation and thorough grounding in the elementary principles of tropical forestry management. The foundation year syllabuses proposed by the three institutions are closely aligned, and intended to allow a consistent and well orientated progression into any of the five specialities.
A summer module which is the same in each of the institutions, and incorporates a field study in a tropical zone concludes the academic year.
The second year specialisations are as follows :
  • Environmental Management and Politics for Tropical Forestry (Montpellier). The curriculum is equivalent to the MSc 2nd year "Environmental Management of Ecosystems and tropical Forests".
  • Agroforestry Systems (Bangor)
  • Socio-economics of Tropical Forestry (Copenhagen)
  • Tropical Forestry planning (Dresden)
  • Ethical Forestry and Ethical Commerce in Tropical Forestry Products and Services (Padova).
Eligible categories of students
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Academic informations
Dr. Raphaël MANLAY
Coordinator of the Erasmus+ SUTROFOR MSc
raphael.manlay @

Administratives informations
Murielle SALAS
Program assistant
murielle.salas @

Programme Content

UFR G-ENV — AgroParisTech

Montpellier campus
648 rue Jean-François Breton
BP 44494
34093 Montpellier Cedex 5